Why You Should Host a Regular Team Meeting Apart of Scrum Ceremonies

If you practice Scrum or any other similar project management framework on your project, you definitely have a lot of predefined meetings – daily status meeting, retrospective meeting, planning session, etc. These kinds of meetings are completely dedicated to your ongoing work and help you to be on track with your project. However, I believe that it is important to have a regular team meeting which is not a part of your Scrum (or whatever else) process. Such a meeting is an opportunity to get your team together and have a talk on those points that are not related to your project activities directly but have an indirect impact on your project. These things are usually out of the scope of regular Scrum meetings, but they still should be discussed.

Let’s see, what you can discuss on these regular team meetings:

Company news. You work in a non-isolated environment and it is beneficial if the team members know what is happening in the environment where they work and how to behave in different situations. Besides this, sharing the company news with the employees shows your trust and improves employee loyalty to the company, which is an integral part of employee satisfaction.

Team members` achievements. Everyone appreciates when his or her achievement is noticed, especially if it`s noticed in public. A team meeting is a good opportunity for project managers to show some appreciation to the team members by acknowledging their achievements. In fact, you may celebrate a lot of things together – birthdays, promotion to a new level, good customers feedback, the years worked in the company, etc.

Team buildings. Informal team events are an essential part of building team camaraderie and improving team performance. In order to plan a successful team event, it makes sense to discuss in a group what is the best way to spend the time. This is a good topic for discussions and the team members usually willingly participate in a debate. However, you as a project manager still should moderate this discussion.

Vacation plans. The purpose of a project manager is to ensure that the project is constantly going towards its goal during the allocated time. It is very important to take into account different time offs when planning the project schedule. If vacations are not planned in advance, it may impede project progress. At the same time, the team members can`t plan vacations too far ahead. Though I believe that once per 3 months is a good periodicity to discuss upcoming team vacations and review your project plan based on this.

Household issues. If your team is co-located, you definitely face some office issues that may have an impact on your team. The examples of these issues may be like this: cleaning or repairing the air conditioning system in your room, relocating to a new room or office, decorating room for Halloween or New Year Holiday, etc. These kinds of issues should also be discussed in a group as they have an impact on the whole team or its biggest part.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the questions that you may discuss in a group on your regular team meeting. The list may be extended based on up-to-date topics which are relevant for your team. Please, share in the comments what questions you discuss with your team on regular meetings.

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