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TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in June 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in June 2019.

Best Practices

This is the best article I`ve ever read about project life cycle. The author lists out all the consecutive stages that every regular project undergoes, explaining what you as project manager should expect at each of the stages. Understanding this structure is very important because it allows you to plan projects well and minimize the occurrence of unpredictable situations. The article consists of two parts, you may find the link to the second part at the end of the first one  [Read More…]

If you`ve been managing projects for long enough, you have definitely survived a few storms. And you probably know that when a crisis arises, it can be difficult as the project manager to know how to support your client and team while you’re still trying to figure out what went wrong.  In this article Katie Bedford shares a list of her tried and true tips for surviving the darkest days of project management  [Read More …]


Leadership is a very complex concept. Leading, among other things, means showing people an example of how to act. If you want to encourage, inspire, motivate and fuel your team, leadership by example is one of the best ways to get buy-in and build trust. In this video Jenifer Bridges explains what to do and what to avoid when you want to lead by example  [Read More …]

This article clearly explains the main principles of servant leadership and its advantage over traditional dominant management style. Though the question what is better remains open. Servant leadership is definitely better for people growth, but is it better for project success. I personally don`t know the answer, maybe you do?  [Read More…]

Hard Skills

Every project is undertaken for a purpose and implies some sort of outcome. There are some characteristics that help to refine this outcome and make it clear for everyone. They are called project objectives. Project objectives also serve managers as a guidepost to make sure they’re doing right by their project and by their client. This article teaches you how to define clear project objectives using the popular SMART technique  [Read More …]

Soft Skills

Office etiquette might sound like an old-fashioned concept, but in fact, good manners have a purpose. They provide a social road map and foster a culture of respect where people on the job can get along better. Being civil to one another reduces stress in what is already a stressful environment, and therefore office etiquette sets a team up for better collaboration and productivity. And I believe, that this is leaders responsibility to establish and to foster office etiquette in the organization or in the team. In this article you will find 10 tips for a healthy office etiquette  [Read More …]

Feedback: the mere mention of the word can make our blood pressure rise and our defenses go up. In this article Skip Prichard explains why most of us react in such a manner when we about to get some feedback. Also he gives some advice on how to give and solicit feedback properly  [Read More…] 

Remote Teams

Driving a remote team distributed around the globe and between different time zones is always a challenge. However the percent of such teams is growing very quickly. In this article Marek Nowak, Engineering Team Lead at CircleCI, share the success story of his distributed team. They were so desperate to build an effective and resilient distributed team that elaborated some rules and practices that are definitely helpful to any remote team. Please, check them out  [Read More…]

Scrum & Agile

Product backlog is a main artifact of a product manager, though it is actively used by project managers as well. Having a structured and prioritized backlog is one of the critical conditions for successful product launch. One of the instruments that helps keeping the backlog in a good shape is a backlog grooming meeting. It allows the manager to make sure that there is an appropriate number of items on their backlog list, and that they’re listed in order of priority. This article is a brief, but comprehensive guide on how to conduct backlog grooming in order to get the most out of it  [Read More…]

Ask any IT project manager what kind of methodology they are using to run the project, and most of them will answer – Scrum. But when you ask some supplementary questions it turns out that it`s not a traditional Scrum, but rather a hybrid methodology with some elements of Scrum. I think, that it`s not good and not bad, it`s just the way it works in reality. This article leads you through an experience of combining Scrum and Kanban elements into a working and effective Agile framework  [Read More…]

Bonus Article

This is just some fun for those who have got to the end of the digest. But in fact there is some truth behind this funny essay. You may think of it as a list of necessary traits of the true Scrum Master  [Read More ….]

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