TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in September 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership, and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in September 2020


Project management is a specific set of various responsibilities, and a role that implies making the teamwork in perfect unison and collaboration. The later makes project management work especially challenging and requires a specific set of skills. This article highlights some essential and helpful skills project managers should have to be effective in their positions [Read More…]

Seasoned project managers know that robust project communication is a critical factor of overall project success. That is why project managers usually spend so much effort trying to build effective communications in their teams. Unfortunately, quite often, messages still don’t reach their targets. There may be many reasons why it happens so, but despite them, there is one way to mitigate this problem, which is personalized communications. This article teaches how to do it right [Read More …]

A real understanding of project management is as important as tech leaders’ skill as any coding language. As the scope of leadership expands, project management skills become a crucial component of successfully navigating IT projects. But what are the most critical factors in managing an IT project? In this article, 16 tech leaders from Forbes Technology Council offer their insights into the crucial steps tech leaders should take to guide an IT project to success successfully [Read More…]

For people, who are far from management, can often confuse different managerial roles. It is especially true in the IT industry, where different management roles may intersect and overlap. Thus, quite often, people in IT are confusing the roles of project and product managers. This article provides a comprehensive explanation of what are the differences between the project manager and product manager’s positions in IT [Read More…]

The author of this article, who made his way from absolute beginner to a seasoned project manager, summarizes his experience and comes up with 5 valuable lessons he has learned during his career. Though this article may be of interest for the beginner level project managers, first of all, I guess that it can be useful for experienced specialists as well, to check if they didn’t miss any of this tips [Read More…]

The author of this article shares the list of 5 practical systems, in other words, tools and approaches, that help him improve his personal productivity. Some of them may be familiar to you, but others may not be. In any case, it makes sense to read how the author applies them and what the benefits are [Read More…]

In 2010 the author of this article tried to put together a kind of guide for those managers who were starting to apply Kanban on their project. This guide was called “the Recipe for Success in Kanban.” It comprised advice on how managers should act to get the most from Kanban. Now, after 10 years of practical implication of Kanban in thousands of organizations, the time has come to rethink that initial advice [Read More…]

The author of this article introduces the idea of project controls, which are the iterative processes, actions, and documentation you use to keep your project on track. You will get to know what leverages can project manager use to minimize the gap between a project’s plan and its execution, focusing on the cost, time spent, and results [Read More…]


I think that many of the Scrum Masters have been in these shoes before… You’re joining an ongoing project as a new Scrum Master and (which makes the situation even more challenging) you’re expected to bring in some improvements to the Scrum process and increase the team performance. But before you even get started working on these items, you need to get acquainted with the current state of affairs. This article suggests 20 questions new Scrum Master can ask the team to get up to speed quickly [Read More …]

This article’s author made a good observation that many traditional project management deliverables have their analogs in agile practices. However, at least on the surface, one project management deliverable hasn’t any alternative in Agile. It is a project communications management plan. However, after a better look at it, we can understand that, in fact, a communication management plan is not needed in Scrum because it already built-in there through the set of events and principles [Read More …]


After months of working remotely, people are tired, burned out, and bored of having the same virtual meeting over and over. This BONUS article suggests managers add some fun to your working routine by applying 5 easy game techniques to your tedious meetings. I’m sure that if you dare to try any of them, it will refresh your colleagues` mood and let you mitigate the team burnout [Read More …]

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