TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in October 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in October 2019

Best Practices

I believe that good specification is the key to project success. However, projects with well-documented and regularly updated requirements are rare. Sometimes it happens because responsible people don`t know how to write good specification, in other cases, documenting of requirements is undervalued by project stakeholders. Eventually, the lack of documentation is causing misunderstandings, delays and missed deadlines. This article provides you with useful advice on how to write effective project specification in collaboration with your clients and project stakeholders [Read More…]

Stakeholder Management

Challenging stakeholders and demanding customers are a part of project manager’s day to day work.The project manager’s purpose is to help anticipate these challenges and find ways to resolve issues quickly. This article provides you with the tips on how to deal with challenging stakeholders and mitigate potential threats to your project success before they turn into real problems [Read More …]

Risk Management

Most of project managers are familiar with risk management theory from PMBOK. But when you’re managing risk in a real life it`s very difficult to turn theory into actionable risk management practices. The author of this article illustrates how we, as managers of risk, need to look beyond theory, take environmental factors into account, and learn from our experience on projects to develop approaches that actually work [Read More…]

Project managers must have the ability to accurately and concisely convey project information and details to stakeholders, vendors and third parties. The author of this article proposes a number of communication approaches that can help you to forge long lasting, positive working relationships and execute and deliver successful projects [Read More…]

Communication Management

Communication skills of a project manager have the strongest influence on overall project success. It is especially true in the times when crisis arises. The author of this article gives examples of most common challenging projects situations together with the advice on how to improve communication to overcome each of these challenges [Read More …]

The author of this article, a former coach at Spotify, introduces an interesting notion of temporal dynamics and explains how it impedes resolving issues in groups. He even identifies three different archetypes based on people`s temporal state: the Historians, the Observers, and the Strategizers. The main point promoted is that, when you are in a discussion and trying to find any solution, you should be mindful of your personal temporal state and the temporal states of your team mates. This awareness significantly improves the chances to reach an agreement [Read More …]


Team building activities can be an enjoyable part of workplace culture. But a really outstanding teambuilding activity, beside of being fun, should also serve a purpose. In this article you will find a recipe of teambuilding activities which build meaningful bonds helping teams to excel even more in their collaboration [Read More …]

Scrum & Agile Methodologies

Unfortunately, one of the most common confrontation I`ve ever met in software development service companies is a confrontation between a development team and a product owner. Teams often blame product owners for not being responsive and not providing requirements on time. But the point is that some product owners can`t even realize their mistakes. This article may become an eye-opener for product owners. So, next time when you don`t get feature specification on time, send your product owner the link to this article, instead of blaming him [Read More…]

Believe it or not, Scrum Master is a challenging role that implies a lot of struggle. Quite often Scrum Masters are running into walls trying to tackle any of the difficult organizational impediments that are brought to light when using Scrum. This all leads to fatigue and feelings of helplessness. The author of this article suggests several ways how you can combat fatigue, recharge your batteries and get back to the way of continuous improvement [Read More…]

It turns out that many traditional line managers are focused on some metrics too much. This approach doesn`t work well in Scrum and, in fact, hinders agile transformation of the company. The team that feels pressure from business stakeholders on achieving particular metrics loses its focus on product development at best, or starts faking Agile metrics at worst. This article suggests an exercise that will allow line managers to understand their misconception through the ways in which the team can fake the metrics [Read More ….]

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