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TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in October 2018

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management and related topics. Please, check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in October 2018.

Technical Skills

How To Identify And Avoid Project Scope Creep

Project scope creep…The mere sound of the phrase is insidious and sneaky. And that’s how it happens, sneaking up suddenly and hitting you and your project where it hurts. All project managers need to be careful about dealing with increasing or changing the scope in order to avoid nasty surprises. This article explains what scope creep is, how it can hurt your projects and how to mitigate the consequences when it happens. [Read more…]

The Project Manager’s Personal Risk Dilemma

What to do if you find yourself in the situation where you’ve been handed a project with a bunch of potential risks? Is it possible to make a pivot from guaranteed failure to at least a small chance for success? Well, everything is up to you now and this article gives some good advice. [Read more…]

Become A Better Delegator With These Tech Project Management Tips

One of the most important skills any leader can develop is the ability to delegate. It’s simply not possible to do everything by yourself; you need to trust your team members and leverage their strengths and skills to complete a project in a timely, efficient manner. However, delegation remains one of the most common weaknesses of project managers. In this article the best technology executives share their ideas on how to become a better delegator. [Read more…]

3 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid In Managing Multiple Projects

When you are handling multiple projects, it means more than just dealing with multiple project schedules. Having multiple projects results in multiple teams, many more stakeholders, multiple scopes, multiple budgets and even possibly multiple clients. All of these become an entirely different ball game and managing it may seem a tough nut to crack, even for the most seasoned project managers. If you`re bouncing between multiple projects and don`t know how to handle all of them effectively, start small and check if you don`t make any of these most common mistakes.  [Read more…]

Closing A Project: What, When And How

I`ve changed a number of companies throughout my project management career and I must admit that none of them has developed a good formalized procedure of project closure. Companies and their managers underestimate a closing procedure because by the time when this stage happens the project has been usually finished and closed de facto. So what is the sense to bother yourself with additional paper work? In fact, managers dig their own graves when neglecting formal closure procedures. A project sponsor may be happy today, but tomorrow everything can change, and you can get into troubles if you haven`t followed through a project closure check-list given in this article. [Read more…]

Soft Skills

Unleashing Passion and Performance in Younger Generations

Hundreds of millions of people over the globe make up millennials and Generation Z, which include basically everyone under 40 today. How do we as project managers motivate these young people? How do we unleash the power of these new generations? Get the answers in this article. [Read more…]

A Project Manager is a Superhero (or, their Mild-Mannered Alter Ego)

This is quite a funny article in which author speculates on the topic what kind of Superhero project manager is. Spoiler: in author`s opinion, project manager is in the “Batman” category of superheroes. However, a lot of useful advice worth reading is hidden between the lines of this opus. [Read more…]


Common Misinterpretations of Scrum

The author of this blogpost has taken on a burden of collecting all scrum misinterpretations he encounters during his career. Well, this is a good try. The only question I have is what he means by “misinterpetation”. After all, Scrum is just a framework, not a methodology, isn`t it? [Read more…]

The Anatomy Of An Excellent Scrum Team

This is a good article for those who have just started getting aсquainted with Scrum. It explains the main responsibilities and necessary traits of the three Scrum roles representatives – Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team. After reading this article you will never confuse who is responsible for what in your team. [Read more…]

Remote Teams

8 Tips for Effectively Managing Remote Workers

Remote work becomes a way of life for more and more employees today. It provides flexibility for workers, but it adds some extra headache to project managers. This article gives project managers some advice on how to build an effective communication and good relatiohships with remote employees as it`s completely clear that the number of these employees grows over time. [Read more…]

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