TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in May 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in May 2020

Remote Teams

This article contains non-trivial advice on how to keep your remote team productive during these trying quarantine and work from home times. The advice is given by Hassan Osman, who is a Program Management Office Director within Cisco, delivering complex IT projects, and who used to has been managing remote teams for quite a long period [Read More…]

The recent lockdown has resulted in a steep decline in team morale. Hence one of the most important goals the leaders are facing now is to understand how to keep their people productive and engaged through the–no doubt slow–return to normality. The author of this article has collected a few tips on how to boost team morale in today’s challenging circumstances from credible psychologist and seasoned leaders [Read More…]

Remote teams can be a significant benefit to a company, but only if their managers are competent and understand how to deal with them. In this article 16 experts from Forbes, Human Resources Council, offer their best advice on how first-time remote managers can remain relevant while overseeing a remote team [Read More…]


The author of this article explains how we can apply the “Three Skills Approach” established by Robert Katz in 1974 to contemporary project management. According to this theory, there are thee types of skills in management that matter: technical skills, human skills, conceptual skills. While reading this article, you get to know what each of the mentioned skills implies. I believe it can help you to adjust your professional growth plan [Read More …]

The author of this article advocates for the “NoEstimate” approach and explains why he recommends using this approach to software development service companies under certain circumstances. In short, there are situations, pretty common in fact, when the effort spent on a precise estimation is not worth it [Read More…]


The authors of this article have put together a good list of remote team building activities of different types that serve different purposes. All the team building activities are categorized for your convenience along three vectors: real-time vs. asynchronous, practical vs. just for fun, one-hit-wonder vs. on the regular. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting there for your teams [Read More …]

The author of this article propagates the idea that team building is not only about games and group activities. It is also about building trust in the team, thinking more generally. Please get to know about two types of trust between colleagues, why they matter, and how to foster them in remote teams [Read More …]


In this article, Mike Cohn shares the results of studies prooving that a little time pressure adds up to teams productivity and even quality. However, it is difficult to draw a line between “just enough” and “too much” pressure. That’s why experimenting with adding a little artificial time pressure is not recommended [Read More …]

As now most of the agile teams are working from home, the authors of this article decided to create a guide on how Scrum Masters can make habitual Daily Meeting techniques work in a virtual environment. In particular, they highlight how different liberating structures may be adjusted to fit remote Daily Meeting [Read More …]

I find this article to be a good summary of essential Scrum Master’s skills and responsibilities. The author states that there are only three essentials skills that a good Scrum Master should have, and all the rest just fall under one of these categories. At the end of the article, you may find a comprehensive check-list of Scrum Master skills as a bonus [Read More …]

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