TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in May 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in May 2019.


Project Management: It’s Scrum or Nothing, Says New Study

This article reveals the results of a recent study about project management methodologies usage in software development industry. It`s not a surprise that Scrum is the most common methodology in this industry. The most interesting thing is that the second position in this list is taken by none metodology at all. Though it`s a mystery for us what the consequences of such approach are [Read more…]

Best Practices & How-Tos

How to Solve Complex Problems Fast

This article gives leaders a number of meaningful tips on how to approach complex problems which they face every day. The tips are based on the book “Cracking Complexity…” by David Komlos and David Benjamin. Accodring to these authors, the first step to succesful solution of complex problem is distinguishing complex problems from complicated ones. After you have done this, you may apply a comprehensive algorithm of actions, which is also given in this article [Read more…]

How to Make an Action Plan

Action plan is a best friend of any project manager. It helps us to get things done, solve problems and get through the difficult times. In this article you may find a simple step-by-step approach to preparing an efficient action plan for any situation [Read more…]

5 Factors for Using Open Source Code in Proprietary Software

While open source elements confer tangible benefits for software development projects, they can impose challenges and limitations on a proprietary application, especially if the project is intended for commercial use. Organizations should evaluate the management and integration of software components from other creators, their project priorities, liabilities, licensing and security before selecting open source code for a project. This article teaches how to get most of open source software usage in your projects with a minimal risks [Read more…]

Write A Project Charter: How-To Guide, Examples & Template

Do you understand the tremendous value in crafting a good project charter, and how to make an effective charter for your projects?
This guide is useful for anyone who leads or manages projects, it explains what a project charter is and how a well-crafted project charter keeps us on track. You’ll learn the difference between a project charter and a Scope of Work (SoW) and how you can use a project charter in the various phases of project management life cycle. You’ll also find project charter samples and a project charter template [Read more…]

Requirements Management

A “Novel” Way Of Gathering Requirements

As project managers, we should create well thought-out and complete (as possible) requirements documentation. It is up to us to make sure that the requirements are in tune with each of the stakeholders’ desires and needs and, of course, what the project goals demand. To accomplish this, we must get inside their heads to make sure we understand the thought process behind the requirements. Read in this article how to do this [Read more…]

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management 101: Types Of Stakeholders & How To Manage Them

This is a brief, complete and comprehensive guide on stakeholders management. If you looked for everything that project managers need to know about stakeholder management, this is the right place for it. You`ll get to know the variety of stakeholders types and how to work with each of them as well as stakeholders management strategies and tools. This is another perfect guide, just like everything Digital Project Management blog team is doing [Read more…]


Why Isn’t My Team Listening to Me, and How Do I Fix It?

I think that every project manager found themselves in a situation when nobody listened to them. This is frustrating, but instead of going upset it makes sense to figure out why this ignorance happens and what we can do to change this. In this article Jennifer Bridges gives 10 helpful suggestions on how to get people to listen to you [Read more…]


Six Things Your Team Wants from You as Their Scrum Master

A lot of Scrum Teams are struggling with understanding of the role of Scrum Master. I met teams where people didn`t know what the purpose of this role is and teams where the role of Scrum Master was quite vague. A well-known Scrum expert Mike Cohn has made a due diligence on this issue surveying a number of Scrum teams on their expectations from Scrum Master. Mike shares pretty comprehensive outcomes in this article [Read more…]

Why the Three-Part User Story Template Works So Well

If you practice Scrum, you probably know that the most popular way of writing user stories is with this template “As a (role), I want (function) so that (business value)”. But have you ever wondered why this template has become so popular? In this article Mike Cohn answers this question and also provides benefits and drawbacks of this approach to writing user stories [Read more…]

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