TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in March 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Please, check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in March 2019.

Best Practices

Pricing Models Every Digital Agency Should Use

This article reveals three most popular pricing models used by digital agencies.You will learn pros and cons of each pricing model in order to choose one that works best for your business goals. The article is very helpful if you`re just launching your service business and want to figure out how to make it profitable from the start. [Read more…]

Hard Skills & Tools

How Much Do Your Resources Play Into Time Management?

Time management and resource management are inextricably linked, given that successful management of both ultimately comes down to your most important resource: your people. This article explains the differences and similarities between time management and resource management. For both of them the best practices and processes are detailed to help you gain better control over your projects and achieve better results. [Read more…]

The Best FREE Google Project Management Apps Out There

This article is a great overview of those opportunities that Google Apps gives project managers in terms of tools. It is amazing that the most of everyday management tasks may be resolved using simple, habitual and free instruments. Though, the author doesn`t focus only on Google Suite, he also suggests some alternatives to it and provides very useful templates. [Read more…]

Soft Skills

How to Disagree with Your Boss

I believe, most project managers have experienced a situation when they thought that their boss was wrong. I bet that in such a situation a dillema came up into their minds if it was better to disagree or to keep silense. In some cases just the thought about disagreement with the boss can be intimidating. In this article (actually, in video) Jennifer Bridges explains why disagreement isn`t always bad and how to argue with a boss without any negative consequenses. [Read more…]

How Empathy Can Make Your Projects Work Better

When we talk about manager`s traits required to deliver projects, we often mention such things as good communication skills, confidence, creativity, etc., but we often overlook empathy. However, empathy can significantly improve your project work and results. This article will teach you how being empathetic to your clients, your team and your project in general can make your project successful. [Read more…]

Remote Teams

Six Ways To Boost Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Having a remote team is an effective way to reduce the operating cost of any business, provided that the remote team is productive. But doing so is not a trivial task. In this article CEO of Grey Smoke Media Chris Porteous shares 6 tips on how to build an effective and productive remote team. [Read more…]


Can Agile PM Be Applied Outside Of IT Environments?

It’s been a while since Scrum framework has become popular in software development industry. But in the latest time the question, if it is possible to implement Scrum in other spheres, arises more and more often. This question has a positive answer, but typically, no instruction on how to do this. The suggested article fills in this gap, explaining how one can apply Scrum artefacts in different from IT industries. [Read more…]

Equality – the Roles in Scrum

This article emphasizes the importance of three roles that exist in the Scrum framework. However, often the Scrum roles are not used effectively because of some dysfunctions that take place in organizations. Taking away these dysfunctions will highly increase the effectiveness of Scrum in your organization. [Read more…]

Career Development

HPM Framework Professional Development Plan

In the modern world everything is changing so quickly that every capable person should be constantly thinking about his or her future development and growth. This is especially true for project managers who usually have a high level of self-awareness. In this article you will find a professional development plan framework for project manager that was designed by Robert K. Wysocki, a consultant and trainer with over 50-year experience in project management. [Read more…]

7 Things Project Managers Should Never Say in a Job Interview

No matter how much experience they have, or how many job interviews they’ve been through, some project managers unknowingly say things that hurt their chances of landing a job offer. When the pressure is on, they make off-the-cuff remarks or answer the questions in ways that send up a huge red flag. This article highlights seven things that PMs should never say during a job interview if they want to pass it. [Read more…]

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