TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in January 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in January 2020


Today information is available faster and from more sources than ever before, which makes decision-making seem easier. But if you combine this information onslaught with traditional types of business decision-making, it will make your process slower and more frustrating. A new means of gathering input and data calls for a new way of making decisions: agile decision-making. This article explains what agile decision making is and how to introduce it into your team [Read More …]

The author of these article reflects on the trends that changed the way we live and work in 2019 and will continue to evolve in 2020, from embracing flexible working policies and video conferencing technology to using AI in new and inventive ways within the workplace. For example, have you ever thought about positive effects of remote work from environment protection standpoint? We as managers should understand and embrace these trends in order to get everything done in the new reality [Read More…]

Working remotely, especially when your team is distributed across the globe, means working asynchronously. And it’s a skill. This article is a collection of pretty simple, however, good and effective advice on how a manager can stay productive when he or she is destined to bounce between different time zones [Read More…]

This article is a good reminder that setting goals is one of the main skills that should be mastered by any project manager. Here you can find a list of tactics business owners and managers can use to set measurable goals with their remote teams in order to achieve the outcomes they are looking for in business growth and development [Read More…]


The workplace is no longer defined as a physical maze of cubicles with the hope of one day getting a corner office. Workspaces are meant to be somewhere you can plug in for the day, whether it’s at your company’s offices, the comfort of your home or the nearest coffeehouse.With multiple generations occupying this expansive cross-border and virtual workplace, more often than not, it’s easy for teams to become split between “insiders” and “outsiders.” So how can we as inclusive leaders get the best out of people if insider and outsider dynamics that have plagued working culture still persevere? The answers are in this article [Read More …]

One of the benefits of being on a team is the friendship you can make with your teammates. And what really can grow these relationships is learning about a coworker’s interests and skills beyond the mundanities of work. It is easy for colocated team to build such kind of relationship because of regular “water cooler” conversations. Distributed teams, however, have not much opportunity for this. A good way of establishing these connections in remote team is by incorporating a bit of small talk into a team’s regular routines. In this articles Mike Cohn suggest his own list of conversation starters for remote teams [Read More …]


The author of this artilce has made an interesting observation about airlines. It turnes out that civil aviation has developed a very robust communication strategy, and there is a lot of tips that we as managers can learn from them. You may find good examples of proper communication and definitely make some outcomes regarding applying this best practice in your work [Read More …]


This article tells us about the importance of forming Product mindset in Development team. Really, developers are much engaged when they understand what is the purpose of their work, and they’re more productive when they have a vision of the product they’re creating. The means for creating such a product mindset is a 7 step workshop, which is described in this article [Read More…]

The most important question heard from project stakeholders most often is “When can it be done?” The answer to this question shoud be provided by the means of estimation efforts. But the problem is that regular deterministic estimates are failing very often. The author of this artilcle believes that in this situation a probabilistic estimation approach may come to our resque. Read in this article what it is and how to apply it [Read More…]

I often meet people who furiously advocate total adhering to Scrum principles that are listed in the Scrum Guide. Just let them know that you`re not keeping some of the ceremonies or rules prescibed by the Scrum Guide and you`ll be immediately accused in perversion of Scrum. The author of this article exprersses another opinion – that Scrum can be succesfully combined with other Agile practices and will only become better because of this synergy [Read More…]

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