TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in January 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management and related topics. Please, check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in January 2019.


Will Machine Learning And AI Ever Replace The Project Manager

The author of this article speculates on a very popular nowadays topic of human employees replacement by artificial intelligence. A number of arguments are given to support the point that AI can`t replace the profession of a project manager in the near future. Instead, AI will become a good project manager`s assistant soon, according to the author of the article. [Read more…]

7 Project Management Trends Transforming The PM Role (And What To Do About It)

Whether you’re a trend junkie (you bought bitcoin last year) or a bit old-school (you bought a Bit-O-Honey last year), you need to be aware of new project management trends and how they may influence your teams, clients, and approach. Please, check these 7 project management trends transforming the PM role in order to help your teams best meet the needs of customers, stay within budget, and achieve business goals. [Read more…]

Methodologies & Frameworks

No boss? No thanks

This article analyses a concept of a boss-less company, which is very popular nowadays. Are managers just a redundant layer in modern business organizations? Is Holacracy model the best replacement for a former top-down structure? The author of this long-read explains why he thinks that the answer to the mentioned question is “No” and why modern business organizations can`t succeed without managers. [Read more…]

Why Agile Teams Put So Much Emphasis on Being Done Each Iteration

In this article Mike Cohn compares two different approaches to tracking a project progress. The first approach is to estimate a percentage of the work that is complete.The second one is to use only two statuses for each feature: either “done” or “not started”. Which is better? Read the article to get to know… [Read more…]

People Management

Test The Fit: 10 Tips For Conducting New Hire Trial Periods

A trial period is one way to assess whether a new employee is a good fit for a position. In this article the experts at Young Entrepreneur Council offer their thoughts on whether trial periods are a good idea and how they can be conducted effectively while still making candidates feel like a part of the team. [Read more…]

Five Actions for Inspiring Your Project Team

In the modern world of a significant lack of talents one of the main project manager`s functions is retaining good people in the teams. To do this a project manager must be good at inspiring the team members. The author of this article shares five elements of the team inspiration mechanics that he personally has been using. [Read more…]

Hard Skills & Tools

Risk And Opportunity Management

The author of this article suggests changing a common mindset of risk management approach. According to the author, effective risk management should not be focused solely on recognizing possible failure points, but also on learning how to best recognize and capitalize on opportunities to ensure both project and future success. And this is where Opportunity Management will come to our rescue. [Read more…]

10 Useful Free Project Management Templates for Excel

Microsoft Excel is commonly used spreadsheet software for organizing and managing data that proved to be one of the main virtual assistants of a project manager. But not so many project managers know that they can also use Microsoft Excel as a project management tool in addition to using it as a spreadsheet. In this article a number of Excel templates are collected that allow you to effectively manage and schedule projects by time, plan events, manage budgets, analyze the data and perform other activities. [Read more…]

Remote Teams

Leading A Remote Team? 12 Tips For Building A Cohesive Company Culture

Even when managing mostly remote staff, creating a strong, cohesive company culture is still one of the most important responsibilities a business leader has. In this article experts at Forbes Technology Council share their personal successful — and sometimes surprising — tactics they’ve used for building a company culture “remotely.” [Read more…]

9 Tools For Remote Teams To Stay Connected And Productive

While remote workers enjoy many benefits but they have to deal with some challenges as well – different time zones, communication problems, unreliable and insecure ways to transfer information, and poor collaboration. The author of this article has put together the list of 11 essential tools for remote team management that can work for any business success. [Read more…]

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