TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in December 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in December 2019


There is an eternal debate on what it takes to be a good manager and what it takes to be a good leader, and what is better at the end of the day. The author of this article tries to figure out the key differences between managing and leading. Eventually, only harnessing the traits of both mentioned approaches lets you become a really good project manager [Read More…]

We all know that professional trust is the foundation for teamwork. Taken broadly, that’s trust about communication, commitment, and competence. In this article, you find 6 simple, yet effective steps on how team members can build trust in a working environment and, consequently, become more productive as a team [Read More…]


According to the author of this article, people don’t need to be empowered, they are already powerful. What people need is the autonomy and authority to make decisions. From this article, you get to know the benefits of team self-organization and useful tips on how to replace a command-and-control model by a self-managed one. You also get acquainted with a newly emergent social organization model called “Teal”, which represents a collaborative group as a living organism [Read More …]

The author of this short article suggests taking a look at a well-known Stakeholder Matrix from a different angle. Besides identifying what you should do for each type of stakeholder, it also makes sense to ponder what each particular type of stakeholder can do for you, how they can be useful for your project. It`s a very interesting approach [Read More…]

The author of this article highlights the most common internal politics situations that come up during the implementation of software development projects. Despite the fact that the article is intended to help product managers, it is definitely helpful for project managers as well, because, the latter regularly face the same issues. The most useful part of the article are suggestions on solutions for each problem mentioned in the article [Read More…]

The author of this article shares his view on the prerequisites of a successful project. He thinks that one of the major factors of project success is setting up clear expectations on the initiation phase, which, unfortunately, is often missed. However, ongoing managing activities are also important [Read More…]

Team Building

As more companies recognize the value of remote employees, those businesses must adjust managerial styles and navigate how to take what’s worked in an office, and translate it into supervising those who work remotely. In this article, you find 13 tips that help you to build an idyllic remote work office [Read More …]

This is a very comprehensive guide on building a highly effective distributed team. Basically, it is a set of rules, postulates, and suggestions that are devised based on the author`s experience. I`m sure that you`ll get a lot of use out of it [Read More …]


In this article, Michael K. Levine, who is an expert on lean and agile, shares the most important agile lessons, that he has learned in the year 2019. All 4 lessons he mentions are good food for thought, however, the biggest lesson learned in 2019 is that agility is not a fad and that people over process is in its rightful place as the first agile value [Read More …]

This article describes an interesting view of how the Daily Standup meeting in Scrum should be handled in order to be effective. He believes that in order to get a real benefit from Daily Meeting, participants should focus on the work accomplished, rather than work in progress. The authors also explain a fist-to-five technique which helps to track the progress towards the Sprint goal [Read More …]

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