TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in December 2018

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management and related topics. Please, check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in December 2018.


27+ Impressive Project Management Statistics in 2019

The title of this article speaks for itself. This is a compilation of the interesting statistics in a project management field. I don`t think that it will help you somehow in your daily work, but it definitely will make you think about recent project management trends and perspectives. The only thing I don`t understand is why the title says that the statistics is for 2019, as this year has just come. [Read more…]

Project Management Has Changed. Have You?

The project management landscape is changing radically. With advances in technology, upper management demands more, on tighter deadlines. In this environment traditional methods of problem-solving are no longer as effective as they used to be. Check this article to figure out if you`re prepared enough to the new project management reality. [Read more…]

Personality driven Project Management

This is the essay that addresses the human aspect of the project management in the new reality. The author states that never before we have discussed the project management discipline with respect to the personality behavioral standpoint so openly as today. The main of the reasons is that millennials have joined the workforces and now they are entering the domain of managing projects. As a result, new management approaches that take into account personality differences should be adopted. [Read more…]

Best Practices

12 Ways To Scale Your Culture As Your Company Grows

As your company expands, you as a project manager may be struggling to scale your company culture and make your remote team members feel included. In this article experts from Forbes Coaches Council offer strategies to create a sense of community and grow the company culture with your business. [Read more…]

Should you walk out of that bad meeting, even if it’s rude?

Redundant meetings is a notorious problem of a management culture, which is especially relevant in tech industry. A lot of engineers hate meetings thinking of them as time wasters. In reality meetings may be very useful and are crucial for companies, but it is mastery not to turn them into time wasters. In this article the Founder of JotForm shares his approach to organizing meetings. Though this approach is quite controversial from my point of view. [Read more…]

How We Run Agile Projects as Clients’ Extended Distributed Team

In this article Peeyush Singh, the COO of Appinventiv, shares his company experience on working with offshore clients using the distributed agile development cycle. This approach results in more connected working process with aligned risk and remuneration model across all. In fact, Appinventiv team works so seamlessly that they have managed to turn from outsourcing service provider into the clients extended in-house tech team. [Read more…]

Technical Skills

6 Common Challenges In Managing Small Projects (And How To Overcome Them)

In this article the challenges of managing small projects are considered. For instance, it’s the smaller projects that often experience scope creep and come off the rails because they aren’t seen as high up on the agenda. Though I as a person who had managed a number of small project would add one extra challenge, which is not mentioned in the article. If you are assigned to small projects, you most likely manage several of such projects, not one. And this is where the real challenges begin. [Read more…]

Six science-backed techniques to help you make hard decisions

The one of the most important things project managers are paid for is making decisions. Making hard decisions, to be exact, because making easy decisions is easy, and everyone can do it. When you as a project manager are about to make a hard decision it is very imprudent to do this based just on your gut-feeling. I bet that you prefer to account for as much factors as possible, before making a decision. This article gives some scientific-backed techniques that pretend to give more credibility to your decisions. [Read more…]

Demystifying Crucial Phases of Project Management

Modern tech projects are not only about actual management. Now, they`re also about planning, communicating, collaborating and analyzing. This guide covers all the phases of project management so you can understand how they apply to your tech projects. This article is especially useful if you don’t have a background and experience in project management. [Read more…]

Soft Skills

4 in-demand project management skills for 2019

Project managers bring immense value to organizations. With the new year new job opportunities come. The author of this article has put toghether his version of soft skills that not only help managers stand out amongst other job applicants, but also improve their chances of being hired. [Read more…]

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