How to Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange in a Remote Team

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The end of the year and upcoming Christmas holidays are good opportunities to summarize the year for your team and to have some fun team building activities. A teambuilding activity that is quite relevant for this time is a Secret Santa game. The rules are pretty simple –  you gather your colleagues and they draw random names of their teammates, so that everyone becomes a Secret Santa for another team member that he should keep in a secret.… [ Read the rest...]

How to get all the team together for a team event

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If you work as a project manager or play the role of a group leader you probably organize team events from time to time. Team events are very useful in order to give your team some rest, help them to get to know each other and improve communication between peers. The two main questions which project manager faces organizing a team event are “What?”… [ Read the rest...]

Why Escape Quest is the Best Team Building Activity

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Every team needs some motivation in order to stay productive during the long-term project. Out-of-work team building is one of the most effective and proven methods to motivate the team. There are several points why team building may be useful. First, it allows your team to recharge:  either to get a breath of a fresh air after several months of hard work or to celebrate some milestone that you have achieved together.… [ Read the rest...]

7 deadly sins of a project manager while working with a team

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When I started my career as a project manager in IT industry, I noticed that people often criticized project managers. They complained about them during the breaks, at the meetups, on the Internet, wherever it was possible. And I thought then that something was wrong with this situation: either it is not very good attitude to the manager’s position in the industry in general or it is all about particular personalities.  … [ Read the rest...]