The 5 Lessons I Learned In 2018 As A Project Manager

I believe that each year brings you new experience and new lessons learned, whatever position you hold and however much practice you have got  in your professional field. This rule works in project management better than most. So, every year any project manager meets unique people and faces new challenges. The year 2018  was very eventful for me from a professional point of view, therefore, I have learned a lot of new lessons and want to share the most important ones with you.… [ Read the rest...]
Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Does It Really Work in Projects?

After completion of each project it is recommended to conduct a lessons learned session with a team. But many people including some project managers believe that lessons learned is just yet another meeting and a waste of time. Let`s figure out if it’s true or not. What is Lessons Learned Session and How It Differs from Retrospective Meeting First, let’s try to understand what  actually a lessons learned meeting is and what’s the difference between it and a well-known in Scrum retrospective meeting.… [ Read the rest...]