6 Ways to Reduce Stress in Remote Teams

Project managers have to deal with different kinds of projects. It is very possible that once you would be assigned to a project which implies a lot of pressure. If this happens, you need to be prepared to manage stress and to protect your team from it. Otherwise, people will burn out quickly and the whole endeavor will be derailed.  Before jumping into the details of how to deal with stress on the projects, let`s first try to figure out what are the typical reasons that lead to tension and team burnouts.… [ Read the rest...]

How to Give an Inspiring Motivational Speech to Your Team

One of the major responsibilities of a project manager is to motivate the teams to achieve their goals. Though there are plenty of techniques you may use for increasing team motivation, an inspirational speech is the one that can have an immediate effect. That’s why it is a really powerful instrument. Despite the fact that I`m not an experienced motivational speaker, I`m very interested in the question of what makes a great motivational speech.… [ Read the rest...]

8 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Team

I strongly believe that project success depends on a project team more than on any other factor. Knowing that good project managers do everything possible to motivate their teams, remove any impediments which get on their way, and set people up for success. Good teams in return dedicate as much effort as possible to achieve the necessary outcome. And this dedication should definitely be appreciated accordingly.… [ Read the rest...]

How to Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange in a Remote Team

The end of the year and upcoming Christmas holidays are good opportunities to summarize the year for your team and to have some fun team building activities. A teambuilding activity that is quite relevant for this time is a Secret Santa game. The rules are pretty simple –  you gather your colleagues and they draw random names of their teammates, so that everyone becomes a Secret Santa for another team member that he should keep in a secret.… [ Read the rest...]

5 questions to ask your teammates at your first one-on-one meeting

One of the first things you should do taking over a new project is definitely getting acquainted with your team. As usual a new project manager is introduced to a new team officially by his predecessor or manager, but I’m talking about something different here. I mean that it makes perfect sense to meet with each team member in person. Such one-on-one meetings are the most useful project manager’s instruments.… [ Read the rest...]

Servant Leadership: How to Lead Teams in the 21st Century

In a traditional management model a manager plays the central role and behaves as an assertive leader. In the contrast, his subordinates are treated as the ones who serve the manager. Such a boss-centered approach very often devalues regular employees. But today it turns out that this approach doesn’t work anymore, especially in such a dynamic and complicated industry as information technology.… [ Read the rest...]

Why Escape Quest is the Best Team Building Activity

Every team needs some motivation in order to stay productive during the long-term project. Out-of-work team building is one of the most effective and proven methods to motivate the team. There are several points why team building may be useful. First, it allows your team to recharge:  either to get a breath of a fresh air after several months of hard work or to celebrate some milestone that you have achieved together.… [ Read the rest...]