How To Deal With Difficult People On Your Projects

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I can only guess what type of projects you work on and what challenges you have, but there is one thing I know for sure: you have definitely encountered difficult people on your projects. The truth is that throughout your entire life and career you keep meeting people who put you down.  However, when you come across an unpleasant stranger in your daily life, it’s not a big deal.… [ Read the rest...]

What Project Managers Really Do in Software Service Companies

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I started my project manager`s career in a small IT service agency, where the role of a manager was very vague and management processes were not formalized. Later, when I was joining a bigger company, I felt pretty anxious about my new position because I didn`t quite realize what the role of project manager implies in a large scale software company.… [ Read the rest...]

What To Do If Your Project Team Is Starting To Get Bored

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Everyone wants to work on a meaningful project that is changing the world. Having a challenging goal, you and your team are going towards the long-awaited launch of the project and your public recognition. The mere anticipation of such a great goal and the final outcome gives you the fuel to move forward. But even the most successful projects turn down to a support stage at some point.… [ Read the rest...]

Why It Is Important To Conduct Project Exit Interview

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Exit interview is a common practice in companies where HR function is developed on a good level. In a nutshell, exit interview is a talk between a resigning employee and a company representative (HR manager, line manager, director). This talk if done properly can reveal a lot of useful information for the management of the company. I first heard about exit interviews when I was resigning from one of my previous companies.… [ Read the rest...]

Client Expectations Management: 2 Battles To Be Fought

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Recently one of my friends has asked me to consult him on the topic of Client Expectations Management. This request tripped me up because, on the one hand, client expectations management is something really critical for any business, but, on the other hand, I couldn’t remember any specific project management techniques and theories in this field. So, I decided to research this topic in order to share both my findings and my personal experience with you.… [ Read the rest...]

How to Plan and Manage Your Team`s Vacations

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Project managers are constantly striving for building effective teams and enabling people to perform at their best. But we should not forget that we work with human beings who get tired and need some break. In fact, everyone needs a rest, and the most prevalent form of having it among full-time employees is regular vacation. If you notice that someone from your team hasn’t taken vacation for a long period of time, I suggest you talking to them and persuading that they need a break.… [ Read the rest...]