How To Keep Your Project Going During the Wartime or Any Other Crisis

Recently Ukraine has become a victim of a treacherous invasion from russia. This is a real war that has affected all the spheres of everyday and business life. The first weeks of the war were most impactful because it was a total mess: we lost connection with the people, the clients were shocked, and the management of the companies was confused.… [ Read the rest...]

4 Daily Life Habits I Have Learned From Project Management

As a project manager I plan, control and organize the work both of mine and other people. Surprisingly, all these skills are really helpful not only in the professional, but in the daily life as well. At one point I realized that my professional duties have changed the way I approach my daily routine. So, check below the 4 useful lessons for daily life that I have learned from project management.… [ Read the rest...]

The 5 Lessons I Learned In 2018 As A Project Manager

I believe that each year brings you new experience and new lessons learned, whatever position you hold and however much practice you have got  in your professional field. This rule works in project management better than most. So, every year any project manager meets unique people and faces new challenges. The year 2018  was very eventful for me from a professional point of view, therefore, I have learned a lot of new lessons and want to share the most important ones with you.… [ Read the rest...]