How to Deliver Bad News to Your Team

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Unfortunately, bad things happen in our lives, and the projects we`re managing are not an exception. A project may be downsized or cancelled, some people may have a bad performance review or even have to be dismissed, customers may not be happy with the product, etc. This is just a short list of troubles you as a project manager may face on your project.… [ Read the rest...]

4 Simple Tips on How to Make All Project Stakeholders Happy

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Every project manager deals with a number of project stakeholders – those who are interested in the project’s outcome, may affect or be affected by its outcome. Communicating with stakeholders and managing their expectations is one of the most important and yet most complicated tasks that project managers face in their work. To balance conflicting interests of multiple stakeholders project managers have to apply special talents and skills.… [ Read the rest...]

Mission Impossible: Can a Project Manager Be a Scrum Master at the Same Time?

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There are a lot of hot topics around Scrum since this framework was introduced in the late 20th century. One of them is the differences between scrum master`s and project manager`s roles, and whether it is possible to combine both roles in one and the same person. The supporters or Scrum usually try to decouple a project manager from the team.… [ Read the rest...]

How to Spot Informal Leaders and Leverage Their Potential

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Project managers become leaders of their teams due to their position. But it often happens that there is a person within the team who has the authority, but doesn`t take any formal managerial position. Such an “informal leader” has huge impact on the team members` minds and behavior. But why do informal leaders emerge in teams? There are a couple of theories.… [ Read the rest...]