How To Keep Your Project Going During the Wartime or Any Other Crisis

Recently Ukraine has become a victim of a treacherous invasion from russia. This is a real war that has affected all the spheres of everyday and business life. The first weeks of the war were most impactful because it was a total mess: we lost connection with the people, the clients were shocked, and the management of the companies was confused.… [ Read the rest...]

6 Ways to Reduce Stress in Remote Teams

Project managers have to deal with different kinds of projects. It is very possible that once you would be assigned to a project which implies a lot of pressure. If this happens, you need to be prepared to manage stress and to protect your team from it. Otherwise, people will burn out quickly and the whole endeavor will be derailed.  Before jumping into the details of how to deal with stress on the projects, let`s first try to figure out what are the typical reasons that lead to tension and team burnouts.… [ Read the rest...]

How To Encourage People To Work Overtime

I believe that every project manager, sooner or later, faces the need to request project team members work overtime. This part of my job really embarrasses me. I hate to be trapped in such a situation when I have to take people’s personal time, the precious moments of their lives which they could otherwise spend with their families or friends, or just for themselves.… [ Read the rest...]

How To Manage Conflicts In Remote Teams

Recent quarantine measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced many colocated teams to become remote. Many workers found themselves in a completely new and uncommon situation of collaboration without any physical presence and face-to-face contact with their colleagues. The remote communication via Zoom or other video chat platforms seemed to be a good workaround in this situation, however, it brought up a lot of challenges.… [ Read the rest...]

How to Overcome Procrastination at Work and in Everyday Life

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were supposed to accomplish a task but couldn’t start doing it and eventually put it off till the deadline comes? I bet you have. Time to time, all of us fall prey to a behavior called procrastination. So what is procrastination? According to Wikipedia’s definition, procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline.… [ Read the rest...]

How to Give an Inspiring Motivational Speech to Your Team

One of the major responsibilities of a project manager is to motivate the teams to achieve their goals. Though there are plenty of techniques you may use for increasing team motivation, an inspirational speech is the one that can have an immediate effect. That’s why it is a really powerful instrument. Despite the fact that I`m not an experienced motivational speaker, I`m very interested in the question of what makes a great motivational speech.… [ Read the rest...]

5 Bad Habits I Had To Get Rid Of After Becoming A Project Manager

Many people are struggling for a leadership position thinking it is prestigious and gives them a lot of benefits. However, it`s not that simple. With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility come great constraints. When you are at a leading position, you are a role model for the other people in your team or organization, whether you like it or not.… [ Read the rest...]

How To Deal With Difficult People On Your Projects

I can only guess what type of projects you work on and what challenges you have, but there is one thing I know for sure: you have definitely encountered difficult people on your projects. The truth is that throughout your entire life and career you keep meeting people who put you down.  However, when you come across an unpleasant stranger in your daily life, it’s not a big deal.… [ Read the rest...]

What To Do If Your Project Team Is Starting To Get Bored

Everyone wants to work on a meaningful project that is changing the world. Having a challenging goal, you and your team are going towards the long-awaited launch of the project and your public recognition. The mere anticipation of such a great goal and the final outcome gives you the fuel to move forward. But even the most successful projects turn down to a support stage at some point.… [ Read the rest...]