Small Talk For a Great Purpose

Project managers spend 90% of their time communicating. You`ve probably heard this statement before and this is definitely true. Hence, communicative skills are very important for the people who take leadership positions. Most of the time, when at work, we communicate in order to share ideas, get feedback, negotiate something,  resolve problems, etc. But from time to time we face the situations when we communicate without some business related purpose.… [ Read the rest...]

TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in August 2018

Every month I put together my version of the best  articles on project management and related topics. Please, check the TOP 10 articles on project management in August 2018. Remote Teams How do you keep a remote-working team motivated? This is one of the best articles on team building and motivation of a remote team. A lot of useful advice is given in the form of infographics, besides, additional resources are included.… [ Read the rest...]

Knowledge Transfer Plan for Project Managers (Checklist)

During our career we find ourselves in different situations. Sometimes we decide that it’s time for new challenges and make a decision to take on a new and more promising position. Another time due to unfavourable circumstances we have to leave the job to which we devoted years of hard work and efforts. Anyway, job change happens almost to everyone and this is definitely one of the most stressful periods in our lives.… [ Read the rest...]

Complete List of Project Manager`s Interview Questions

During my yet not so long career of a project manager I have participated in about a dozen of interviews for project manager`s position (fortunately, most of them were successful). After the last set of my project manager`s interviews, an idea of putting together the complete list of project manager`s interview questions has come to my mind. To start with, I recalled the most interesting and tricky questions I have been asked during my interviews and collected some from the Web.… [ Read the rest...]

TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in July 2018

From this day forward, I`m going to collect and share with you the hottest articles on project management and related topics that I encounter on the Web. This monthly digest will contain my version of TOP 10 articles on such topics as project management skills, methodologies, communication, team building, industry research etc. Please, check the first edition of this digest – TOP 10 articles on project management in July 2018.… [ Read the rest...]

Why Escape Quest is the Best Team Building Activity

Every team needs some motivation in order to stay productive during the long-term project. Out-of-work team building is one of the most effective and proven methods to motivate the team. There are several points why team building may be useful. First, it allows your team to recharge:  either to get a breath of a fresh air after several months of hard work or to celebrate some milestone that you have achieved together.… [ Read the rest...]

7 deadly sins of a project manager while working with a team

When I started my career as a project manager in IT industry, I noticed that people often criticized project managers. They complained about them during the breaks, at the meetups, on the Internet, wherever it was possible. And I thought then that something was wrong with this situation: either it is not very good attitude to the manager’s position in the industry in general or it is all about particular personalities.  … [ Read the rest...]

PM Stories: Instant Karma

Once I had my first project status meeting with a client at my new job. As usual, after the call I had to share meeting minutes with the client. I asked my colleagues in what way they usually send meeting minutes.  They said it was enough to create a shared document with the meeting overview and then send a link to this document to the client via email.… [ Read the rest...]
Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Does It Really Work in Projects?

After completion of each project it is recommended to conduct a lessons learned session with a team. But many people including some project managers believe that lessons learned is just yet another meeting and a waste of time. Let`s figure out if it’s true or not. What is Lessons Learned Session and How It Differs from Retrospective Meeting First, let’s try to understand what  actually a lessons learned meeting is and what’s the difference between it and a well-known in Scrum retrospective meeting.… [ Read the rest...]