TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in August 2019

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Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in August 2019 Best Practices How to Successfully Execute a Plan Planning is the backbone that holds up any project. But only planning is not enough for achieving the necessary outcome. From my perspective, the most complicated part of any project is its executing.… [ Read the rest...]

8 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Team

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I strongly believe that project success depends on a project team more than on any other factor. Knowing that good project managers do everything possible to motivate their teams, remove any impediments which get on their way, and set people up for success. Good teams in return dedicate as much effort as possible to achieve the necessary outcome. And this dedication should definitely be appreciated accordingly.… [ Read the rest...]

Why You Should Host a Regular Team Meeting Apart of Scrum Ceremonies

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If you practice Scrum or any other similar project management framework on your project, you definitely have a lot of predefined meetings – daily status meeting, retrospective meeting, planning session, etc. These kinds of meetings are completely dedicated to your ongoing work and help you to be on track with your project. However, I believe that it is important to have a regular team meeting which is not a part of your Scrum (or whatever else) process.… [ Read the rest...]

Why Remote Teams Matter in 2018?

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If someone asks me what an ideal team is like, I will answer without any doubt that an ideal team is a collocated team. And what`s also important, an ideal project manager is the one who works in the same room with a collocated team. This point is easy to explain because, when the whole team is located in the same room and when you as a manager is present there, you may feel the pulse of your team.… [ Read the rest...]