TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in August 2019

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in August 2019

Best Practices

Planning is the backbone that holds up any project. But only planning is not enough for achieving the necessary outcome. From my perspective, the most complicated part of any project is its executing. Unfortunately, it happens rarely that everything goes according to that plan during executing. In this article Jennifer Bridges provides some practical tips to help execute a project plan successfully despite difficulties that may stand on your way [Read More…]

In project management everything is running around productivity. Project managers feel effective when they can do more in less time. In this article several people share their top-notch secrets which help them to stay extremely productive during the course of their duties [Read More…]

Traditionally project managers dedicate a lot of time and efforts to organizing meetings. They try to get most of them because ultimately meetings serve as a cornerstone of the team integration and collaboration. The author of this article present an unique approach to organizing meetings. He considers a meeting as a three-act play, with a prologue and an epilogue. This is really a very interesting read [Read More…]

Communication Management

I believe that most of the problems on projects happen due to lack of communication. Hence, having a good communication plan in place allows managers to minimize the number of potential issues. In this article Olivia Montgomery explains what communication tools and strategies you can use on each of the project life cycle stages in order to protect yourself from troubles [Read More …]

Risk Management

Every project manager admits that it is important to manage risks on projects, but only few of them do it properly. Maybe, it happens because they do not know how to get on to this. Managing risks looks too complicated and intimidating. The author of this article demystifies risk management and explains what steps you should go through in order to save your projects from problems [Read More…]

Remote Teams

This aticle is a very brief guide on building effective communications in remote teams. You will learn what the pros and cons of remote teams are, what the profile of an ideal remote worker is and what personal traits you need to develop in order to be a great leader for a remote team  [Read More …]

It’s becoming increasingly normal to have both remote and in-house employees within your company. With this comes a new set of challenges—keeping everyone in contact as well as building and maintaining a cohesive company culture. In this article experts of Young Entrepreneur Council share their best tips to help you figure out how to create a company culture that blends the best of both worlds: remote and in-house [Read More …]


The author of this article shares a remarkable experience of solving impediments in their Scrum team. In particular, he describes the issue of having too many interruptions by stakeholders and senior management. It is really interesting to read how they as a team managed to overcome this problem by running experiments, iterating and visualizing on the solution and, definitely, communicating with stakeholders [Read More …]

It happens quite often that organizations don`t want to introduce a separate position of Scrum Master in the team and try to delegate this responsibility to someone who is playing another role. Those who are well acquainted with Scrum fairly doubt whether this is a good move. Though Scrum does not have a rule against fulfilling multiple roles, such an approach presents some challenges and threats. Learn more about them in this article [Read More …]

It is really suprising that we can apply ancient Greek philosophy of empiricism (also embraced by Elon Musk) to the modern software development process. The author of this article tries to identify the first principles of Scrum framework and suggests that you should refer to them when having a challenging situation [Read More…]

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